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User Testimonials

Emily Philippe

Student with Visual Dyslexia

I was nearly brought to tears when trying Webquity's extension. There finally came a way to access every website that met my needs for visual dyslexia like text to speech, and additionally my needs for changing the font size and bionic reading. I didn't even know bionic reading was something I needed until I tried the extension!

UX/UI Designer

Katie Yarnold

The best thing about the "Digital Glasses" is that it can actually help ANY learner grasp new information! In fact, when I was a grad student spending hours a day reading dense texts, the Webquity extension helped me avoid eye strain and make it through all of my readings.

blonde lady ux/ui designer dyslexia

Katie Yarnold


Ruofan Li

UX Researcher

 In my role as an early-stage UX researcher for Webquity's concept testing, I vividly remember the excitement of discovery as the evidence demonstrated the effectiveness and potential of Webquity for learners with diverse needs. Webquity is not just about technology – it's about empowerment and inclusivity, paving the way for a brighter and more accessible future for all learners, and fostering an equitable educational environment where every individual can thrive.

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