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Our 'Digital Glasses' Web Extension ensures students have accessibility tools across the web.

Webquity's Digital Glasses provides:

Improved Comprehension

Webquity's Digital Glasses helps to improve comprehension by providing features such as text-to-speech, magnification, and font customization


Our Digital Glasses helps students become more independent by giving them the tools they need to access and learn material without additional assistance from a teacher.

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Increased Access to Materials

Webquity's Digital Glasses helps to increase access to materials by making websites easily customizable to meet a students needs.

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Reduced Stress

Our Digital Glasses helps reduce stress by making it easier for students to complete their coursework. This is especially important for students who are already feeling overwhelmed by the demands of their courses. 

Featured Partnership

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Webquity is proud to announce our exciting collaboration with CT River Academy, aimed at revolutionizing the educational experience through enhanced accessibility tools. Our Digital Glasses extension ensures that every student, regardless of ability, can access essential resources seamlessly. As champions of inclusive education, we extend our invitation to educators and schools to join us in empowering students and fostering an environment of equitable learning for all.


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