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Our Story

The Covid-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented shift to online education across the United States. Having access to the internet became the new school bus system, and online learning tools became essential. As technology becomes continually integrated into education, the need for equitable access to technology also increases. With this shift, the gap in digital literacy education has become apparent. Barriers apparent in online education are clear access to information. Factors such as dense texts, text size, color contrast, lack of accessibility tags, and captioning create additional barriers for students diagnosed with learning disabilities. Webquity provides accessibility and learning tools personalized to an individual's needs. The Webquity evaluation will identify one's learning style, strengths, and potential barriers. Users will receive a support package combining educational best practices to address their needs. Webquity is supported by the University of Connecticut School of Engineering and Educational Psychology, Werth Institute, Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and CTNext.  

Meet the Founder

Kianjai Huggan

Kianjai Huggan is dedicated to working to create avenues to increase educational equity. She graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Entrepreneurship from the University of Connecticut. She is currently pursuing her Master of Education from Harvard University. Kia has created various educational outreach opportunities, such as the Sisters in STEM conference, serving on the Life Transformative Education Council, and developing a course to support Black and Latina womxn in STEM. In addition, she worked as the Curriculum Coordinator at Black Girls Code to foster interest and increase access for students to engage in STEM fields. With the increased need for equitable access to online education driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, her passion for inclusion drove her to create Webquity focused on digital accessibility tools.

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