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With the pandemic creating a shift in the online learning space, having access to the internet became the new school bus system, and online learning tools became essential.

Factors such as dense text, text size, color contrast, lack of accessibility tags, and captioning create additional barriers for students diagnosed with learning disabilities.

Our evaluation will identify one's learning style, strengths, and potential barriers. Users will receive a support package combining educational best practices to address their needs.

We aim to make online education an equitable playing field by providing universal accessibility software to differently-abled users.


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Kianjai Huggan | Founder

Kianjai (Kia) Huggan, an engineer and educator, embarked on an inspiring journey amid the COVID-19 pandemic's sudden shift to online education. As an educator herself, Kia was deeply moved by the accessibility gaps that emerged, prompting her to dedicate tireless hours to meet her students' needs. This personal commitment arose from her own experiences grappling with double vision and online content consumption during her graduate studies. Leveraging her engineering background, Kia envisioned a solution - the birth of Webquity. Rooted in the belief that accessibility and inclusion are fundamental, Webquity aimed to automate and integrate accessibility tools across the digital landscape. Kia's story stands as a testament to innovation fueled by empathy, with her academic achievements from Harvard University and the University of Connecticut underscoring her dedication. Through Webquity, Kia continues to champion a more inclusive digital world, embodying the spirit of resilience and compassion that drives impactful startups.

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